WordPress. Best themes

WordPlress.org – very popular site for web designers with thousands of themes for
sites. People are downloading it more and more times with pleasure and then leaving
positive reviews about works of creators. Most of themes have high ratings and with
the passage of time, new pages are coming. Here we have best choices for you
according to the ratings, reviews and downloads.

Twenty Seventeen

Compact menu, impressive images and focus on business sites. All these settings are
about one of the most popular theme of this year. According to the graphics, it has
more than six thousand downloads per day and more than one million in total. It has
four and a half stars out of five in rating. In works on every language with every


This business theme has comfortable design with stylish background and easy
navigation. It is very popular among freelancers and companies because of easy
creation online presences. Five stars out of five and more than two hundred thousand
downloads in total.


Easy on the eye and beautiful at the same time, this theme contains all details and
chips to make a perfect site. With long and direct lines, it will be looking good on
every device and every screen. Yellow color is looking very good and will be
comfortable for everyone in using. This theme does not have as many downloads as
others – about sixty thousands. However, at the same time it has five stars in rating.
It means that this theme is an example of good work of the creators.


Advanced, strong and reliable. This theme has many options and changes. For
example, it has more than six hundred fonts for you to choose. It could be used for
every kind of site, big or small, business or attractive. This theme has full
optimization and translation on every language that is used. Four and a half out of
five stars in rating but just more than twenty thousand downloads.


Simple SEO theme that will be useful for every person who visit it. It is a good
variant for writers, journalists and bloggers to publish their articles and other
materials. Elegant opening page with enjoyable design will be pleasant for
customers. They can feel this warm homely atmosphere sitting on the front of the
monitor. Theme also has many widgets and is available for mobile devices. This
theme has no rating stars and had been downloaded only twelve thousands times.
These were the examples of themes that are best for using and creating web sites.
Some of them are new and had just downloaded to the WordPress, but you can test
them free and if it will be good for you, you can download it.