Who is better in web design – freelancers or company workers?

If you need to create new web site, who would you prefer – freelancer specialized
on web design or professional company that has a lot of creative workers? Hard
question, but we will try to answer using information that we have about both of

On one hand, freelancer has more space for work because he could get orders every
day, and every order can differ from the others – from making frame for photos to
creating a huge 3D site. Each order has different difficulty and needs different
amount of time to work with. Of course, everything will depend on the price of the
order. Moreover, of course, web designer need to eat something, to pay for the
accommodation and to buy new clothes. Therefore, you need to expect that the price
will not be low. It also depends on currency that is using in country that your creator
lives. You can find many advertisements of web designers on different sites. Often
they wrote the price of order in the description, or you can ask about it by connecting
this person by email or phone call. If you worked with one freelancer many times,
he can make lower price for you. Good web designers always have many good
reviews on their pages or under their advertisements. It is a good symbol for the

On the other hand, companies specialized on web design have professional creators
in their team. Most of these people studied in specialized web design institutions and
have already earned some experience in this industry. If you choose freelancer
without any experience you need to be ready for bad result. Of course, you can ask
to get your money back, but you will waste a lot of time.

Giving an order to the company, you can guarantee good result. All these companies
work with best programs that were made by people and they always get work to their
customers in time. However, very often these companies are taking orders from big
companies that need big sites for their huge audience. It most cases it could be
business companies or internet shops, where customers need the easiest way of
getting the information. Nevertheless, you need to be ready for huge price because
today high quality always means high price.

To sum up, we can say that both of these web designers are good, but they always
have different audience and different amount of work.