Trends for web design in 2018

Twenty Seventeen is ending and Twenty Eighteen is coming. Everything is in
progress and web design is not an exception. People are finding out new chips, create
new technologies that will make the work easies or just get back to very old trends
that will be relevant today. In 2018, web design is trying to make a step forward and
new trends are proving it.

Productivity – main trend in 2018

Every year trends are changing and mobile devices could not hold some apps with
high settings. Creators found out that the white color is more acceptable for mobile
devices. There will be less pictures and animations but most sites will have white
background. Designers are going to upgrade minimalism to the next level. The size
of pictures is depending on the productivity of the app on your device. Therefore,
developers will cut down the amount of images to minimum. With this upgrade,
more people will have an opportunity to use best apps without any problems.

More scripts instead of pictures

Typography will have the strong place in trends upcoming year. Big colorful pictures
are tiring people so they want something pleasant for eyes. Huge titles made with
soft scripts so it will be easy for users to read.

Cinemographs or moving pictures

This will be something extraordinary between usual photos and videos. In this case
developers will focus user`s attention on the current object. For example, it could be
a huge model of something, so you can «hold» it and watch from the different sides.
Creator have already tested this new stuff on some sites and it was a great success.

Bots in chat

This option could be used especially to support people with difficult questions.
Today many people are using voice search. In that case, bots will answer on the
questions using voice instead of printing text messages.

Unusual graphic

Individual approach for every site using different graphic models and their
combinations to get better visual effect. Combining design and content could be in
different forms so every user will find it acceptable for himself.
In conclusion, we can say that web design is developing as well as the other internet