Game designers. Best in business.

Game designers are great people because with their help millions of fans could play
in their favorite games. However, it is very hard for creators to make an amazing
game with good graphic, special effects and action. Here we have best game
designers in the world.

Ken Levine

He was born in New York in 1966. At the start of his career, he worked as
scriptwriter for small TV serials. In 1995, he moved to the Looking Glass Studio,
where he worked on «Thief: The dark project». Two years later, he found studio
Irrational Games. He worked there as main designer and scriptwriter. His greatest
projects are «System Shock», «Bioshock 2» and «Bioshock Infinite». These games
made his studio famous, but he closed it and went to work in film industry. His
projects have good graphic, realistic characters and great atmosphere. Player has a
lot of space for searching locations and looking for Easter eggs. Every game makes
a step forward giving player more space and choices to do.

Todd Howard

Many big editions thought that Todd is the best creator during the all history of
games industry. When he ended with studying, he moved to Bethesda Softworks. He
still works there as main director and producer. No scandals or intrigues. He just
created one of the best game series in history – The Elder Scrolls. In this big world
you could do everything – eat, sleep, find and sell some rare things, fight with
dragons and demons. You could live there. And the main thing is that your journey
never ends. Every time you finish another quest, someone can find something for
you – to kill another dragon or like that.

Hideo Kojima

Japanese game designer was born in 1963 in Tokyo. Starting from childhood, he was
interested in literature, art and film industry. When he saw Super Mario, he addicted
to computer games and then found work in Konami. His early games weren`t so
good, but when he found Metal Gear, his career goes up high. This game has earned
many successes and an army of fans. He was working with the continuing parts of
the franchise and become the most well paid game designer in the world. In 2009,
he became the director of Konami. However, with the release of Metal Gear Solid
V: Phantom pain he ended his career of game designer.

Computer games are something more than just clicking your mouse or pushing
buttons on the keyboard. Games could describe our life with all mistakes, choices
and problems of every people. Moreover, with the help of game designers these short
stories are something more than good graphic and action.