Game design like a part of web design

Many people that web design is used for creating web sites and pages for commercial
objectives – internet shops, business companies, attractive sites etc. Nevertheless,
there is one huge branch, which is getting more and more popular with the time –
game design. It is a very important part of creation video games.

Game design helps creators to build gameplay – main part of the structure of the
game. Gameplay help players to make choices during the process. Player could
control the gameplay and change the way of playing according to the game

Game designers are taking part in creating games from different parts – system
design, content design, design of the levels, design of the world in the game (creating
different places and locations that players will see during the game.

A very important part of web design is the creation of design document – description
of the game. Game developers could change design document. In the final part of
the work, designers are testing the video game made by design document.
Design of the levels contains detailed changing from one level to another, full filling
of each level (characters, buildings, animals and other parts). Levels could be
different depending on kind of the game (3D shooter, platformer, horror, simulator
or something else).

Content design contains filling current information in the game. It also depends on
kind of the game and on the script written to it. It could be different details, Easter
eggs, documents and other files. Everything of that could make the game better.
System design contains work with the game settings. Creators are downloading
current settings for current game. If game has very good graphic and has huge
amount of content, settings will be high. Graphic often depends on the settings.
To sum up we can say that game design is a very important part of the industry and
plays the main role in its development. Game industry would be nothing without
game designers.