Basic rules for web designers

Every web designer must have his own style – colorful or strong, huge or compact.
If you have no idea what to create you could make like someone else, but you need
to add something from yourself. Web design is a job where everyone is like an artist
in front of the clear canvas. You can make your ideas real. However, there are some
simple rules for all creators, which could help them in making pages and sites.

Choose correct scripts

You must choose color, which will be looking good for your site. User need the
easiest way of giving the information by the creator on every device. Use colors that
will look contrastingly on your pages. Make it like you are the user and you have
just visited another site. If it looks normal, you will stay. Nevertheless, if it is not,
go away. Try to avoid a big amount of scripts because it will look unformal. Choose
one or two that will be looking aesthetically on the site.

Check the links you use

Your site has more than one page and you are putting links on the main page to go
through the others. Nevertheless, you must check every link. All of them must work.
User will not visit your site again if there are some nonexistent pages.
Use different icons and pictures for visual contact

Many people like when there is many kith icons on the site. With the help of it user
will have better navigation and understanding about what to do on this particular
page. For example, the icon of home means that you can return to the main page by
clicking on it. Icon with question mark means that you can find important
information about unknown things in this site or particular page.

Make an easy way of finding the information

When site contains a big amount of information, creators often put a searching string
on the main page. However, in some cases it could be hidden somewhere deep in the
menu or you need to spend five or more minutes to find it. Very often people do not
want to use sites with bad searching system.

These rules are so easy to perform and in that time, you will have good results on
making sites. Your customers will be satisfied of using your pages and working with