Why do we need a website?

Nowadays, the World Wide Web gives people the unlimited possibilities in different spheres of activities. No matter whether you own a small store or run a big company, you may easily create a website for your business and bring it online. And that will be the good decision! Because:
1. You should not economize on place and time: you may write the extended articles demonstrating your products and services, place photos and pictures to them, add video and sound accompaniment.
2. You may easily control and manage the results due to different counters and effective control systems. Each your customer and target audience in general is “transparent” to the maximum. You may easily trace what products and services bring you more benefit; what adverts give you result and what not.
3. You don’t need any more to spend a great deal of money on traditional mass media. The Internet advertising requires less expense for preparation and publication.
4. Internet allows interactivity. Through the Internet you may interact and communicate with your potential customers; you may easily show them the advantages of your products and services, get to know their opinions and depending on this information you may change your approach and tactics.
5. On the Internet you have the most solvent audience that knows what it wants and trusts other people’s experience.
So, if you are planning to create a business website – whether a small online store or a complex company application – or if you have already had one, just keep in mind that the needs of your customers should be part of the design, not as an afterthought. Remember that users need consistency. Give them what they got used to. Don’t position common design elements in unexpected places and don’t style the user interface components so dramatically that users don’t recognize them.
Take your time and think about your business project. Imagine that you are one of the customers and define what you would like to see on the website, what information you would like to find here, what navigation would be easy for you, what design elements would draw your attention and etc. Best of luck with your project!